Call Charge and Line Rental Plans

Incom Systems can install the right phone line and tariff for you to enable the most cost effective spend on telecommunications services. Our range of Geographic and Non-Geographic numbers help you manage and control number access, and enable an organisation to increase and track customer enquiries.


Line 1

The telecoms line or trunk is the first service that an organisation will require. The type and cost of these is paramount and can often be a significant cost to an organisation. We are able to supply and bill cost effective trunks from a range of Tier 1 suppliers, often saving 20-30% of a companies telephony services costs.

Contact us to get a competitive quote in this cut throat market - we ensure that you are able to get a cost effective telephone line as and when you need it.


We can offer a wide range of call tariffs dependent on your volume, destinations and number of sites using our Tier 1 providers for maximum economy and reliability. We are very competitive in the market, and are able discuss and match your specific requirements.

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CPS or Carrier Pre-Selection is an indirect voice service that enables the routing of calls via a carrier other than BT, without the need for any equipment on site or programming telephone systems.

Line 2

Benefits include:

Should you wish to retain your line rental with BT, Incom Systems can provide your calls at a competitive price using the CPS process.

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