Voicemail Voicemail

Voicemail Systems that can be tailored to your needs

Our voicemail systems (Voice Processing Systems) offer many services including:

Automated Attendant Service

Answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extension or department.

Voice Mail Service

The voicemail can provide a kind of "interview service." You can record up to 10 questions and set the system up so that when someone calls, he or she is sent to the question and answer mailbox. The system will ask the questions and then record the caller's answers. This is ideal for such uses as taking mail orders, screening job applicants, or conducting surveys.

Interview Service

This feature tells you when a caller has left a message in your mailbox. It can notify you in any of three ways: by lighting the "message waiting" lamp on your telephone; by sending a message to your beeper, either telling you to call your mailbox or actually providing the caller's number; or by calling you at a telephone number you specified in advance.

Voicemail systems are supplied standalone or integrated

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