Call Recording

Call Recording

Why telephone recording?

Incom Systems call recording and related call management systems have many applications, from simple incoming call logging to enterprise-wide computer telephony integration (CTI) and anti-fraud and hacking measures.

How telephone recording solutions will benefit your business:

Our software will accurately record your business telephone conversations, which will assist you with the following:

Train/evaluate staff, Monitor customer service, Enhances telephone standards, Complies with regulations, Verifies verbal orders/conversations, Resolves disputes, Reduces non-work related phone calls.

Understand your business - Sometimes it is hard when running a business to be aware of what is done and said at every level in your organisation. By recording calls, you can do simple spot checks at any time to hear for yourself what your customers experience on a daily basis.

How does it work?

The Truelog system provides a comprehensive solution for trunk-side recording. It accommodates Primary Rate and Basic Rate ISDN, analogue trunks and extensions, VoIP recording, and digital extensions on various PABX systems.

Any combination and quantity of these audio circuits can be accommodated simultaneously within a server or a server cluster.

Truelog makes use of a standard PC architecture in combination with custom hardware interface modules. These modules utilise USB connectivity to the server, providing a number of advantages over the traditional PCI technology usually found in similar professional systems. These advantages include a 'hot-swap' capability which allows maintenance, expansion and reconfiguration to be performed without switching off or restarting the system.

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