Call Logging

Call Logging is the key to providing a powerful solution to voice traffic management, integration and billing in the commercial marketplace. With an extensive range of product features and functionality, TIM Plus is pivotal to effective telecommunications network management.

TIM Plus is the only call logger which specifically caters for mid-range businesses/organizations that require a single, unified management interface to log 100 users across as many as five telephone systems.

It comes with a 100 user capacity right out of the box, and is expandable in simple 100-user blocks.

If an employee (a user) has more than one device, such as a desk phone, a mobile phone, and even a separate DECT handset, then that counts as just one user, not three!

TIM Plus can take mobile billing feeds from your provider, and reporting on these is easy... just select them as a specific call type in any of the reports!

Log multiple Sites/ Telephone systems

TIM Plus takes the data from up to five telephone systems over either a serial connection, a TCP/IP socket, or direct by file spool.

So with all sites logging into one central place, you don't need separate call loggers for each of your telephone systems.

TIM Plus runs as a Windows Service and all of its functions, configuration, and call reports are accessible through a standard web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari.

TIM Plus is fully administered using nothing more than a standard web browser.

For further details or to arrange a demonstration, please call 01675 431080.